The title champion of World Champions will be decided between Mikhail Antipov and Ahmed Adly. They both kept pace and defeated their opponents in nice games in the 8th round. Neither Lomasov nor Sara Khadem got the desired 8th round result to be in contention for a GM norm in the last round.

Stefansson vs gegn Leitao:

Stefansson won a pawn in the middlegame and converted in what seemed like a smooth game.


Saduakassova vs Khademalsharieh

Sara needed a win with black but the Queen’s Indian didn’t give her sufficent winning chances. She was a little worse in the middlegame but managed to divert the game to an ending which was drawn.


Zhigalko vs Steingrimsson:

Zhigalko kept trying to nurse a very minimal edge in a heavy piece endgame. Eventually he managed to force trades to a winning pawn endgame.


Gretarsson vs Antipov:

A fun Grunfeld game where Antipov even offered a rook very early in the game. Helgi tried to hold on to a few pawn and Antipov tried to make the initiative and development edge count. Some nice backwards move were enough to convert that to a full point for Antipov in the timetrouble phase.


Adly gegn Lomasov:

Adly played a fantastic game where he kept posing small problems for his opponent. Watch Adly explain his game for a nice lesson in initiative!

8th round games

8th round results and 9th round pairings



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